Hisoundaudio – AMP3-M Hi-Fi MP3 Player

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AMP3 –Amplified mp3 player,5 times stronger output power for all full size headphones!

Different to any rest mp3 players! AMP3 is integrated the external earphone amplifier into the enclosure of mp3 player. Thus it has 30mW rated out put power, 100Mw peak output power. It is at least 5 times stronger than the normal mp3 player which normally only 5 mw. Take the highest impedance headphone as example, AMP3 can propel the Beyerdamic’s DT 880 with 600 ohm very loudly just like the desk top amplifier. Generally the earphones with 16 or 32 ohm). The vigorous power can make the earphones have good strength to control the drivers to avoid the harsh noise. The enough power can ensure the soundstage wider with full of music information. The adequate power supplying can make the sound out of the earphones has good texture, bright, heavy, thickness and detailed, Thus the music representation are very reality and full of funs. Amp3 m has the most impact bass; the bass is very deep and solid, which just like you are enjoy the bass at the disco bar. AMP3 M has great music separation, which make the music instruments lay very clearly on the stage, the background music never pollution the vocals. The highs of AMP3 M is bright but controlled, the highs is very extended with details.  AMP3 M featured with the musicality which is very dynamic. AMP3 M is really the audiophile grade player which will no make you have any fatigue for whole day listening. AMP3 M can be paired well with any earphones, no matter it is armature earphones or full size earphones. It can extract all the potential of your earphones. This makes you feel your earphones became another new one!!!

Headphone Amplifier Type: Built-in headphone amplifier Independent Group
Capacity: 2GB
Amplifier Frequency Response: 12Hz-27kHz
System Frequency Response: 18Hz-23kHz (earphone)
SNR: 97dB
Random Headphone Impedance: 32 ohm earphone (PAA-1)
Battery: 240MA rechargeable lithium battery
Battery life 14 hours (in volume 3, MP3 format, factory tested under headphones)
Compatible formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, Flac,(CUE points do not support the rail)
Screen: No screen, touch acrylic lenses
Key Type: touch keys (you can one-hand operation)
Carry mode: Belt Movement clip
USB type: mini USB 2.0 high speed interface
Size: 7.4 X 2.5 X0.9 CM (lighter size)
Weight: 60 g

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